Tests & Awards

Inter-Tech products meets worldwide accepted quality standards and stand out due to persistence and a good price performance ratio. Cause of that we are proud to show here actual feedbacks, critics and awards. Most of these reports are made in Germany and therefore in German language.

If you´re an employee of a test portal or similar and interested to test our products, please contact us by email.contact formular

Midi-Tower - IT-9908 Aspirator II

Midi-Tower - Eterno A6 Confident RTX
Midi-Tower - Eterno K-five Demon Hunter
Midi-Tower - X-5 Ventilation
Midi-Tower - X-6 Aircraft
Mini ITX E-M3 Black
Mini ITX E-M3 Silver
Mini ITX-E-i7
Mini ITX-Gehäuse - Q-5 Silver

Storage-Gehäuse IPC SC-4100
ATX-Power supply - Coba Nitrox Nobility 900W 80+ silver
ATX-Power supply - Coba Nitrox Nobility 800W 80+ silver
ATX-Power supply - Line-EX 450W 80+
ATX-Power supply - Coba Nitrox Xchange 400W 80+

ATX-Power supply - Coba Ecostar 450W 80+
ATX-Power supply - Coba Ecostar 400W 80+
CPU Desktopkühler Mars T1
Univeral-NotebookPower supply - Coba Nitrox Xtended NB-90U
Bluetooth® Lautsprecher M9
Bluetooth® Lautsprecher M7
Bluetooth® Lautsprecher Nitrox iStage Mini
award-iStageMini tpc414
GehäuseFan - Coba Nitrox Xtended
Batterieladegerät - CT-515
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