Coba Nitrox 500W


Output 500Watt
ATX-version 2.2
Connectors 1 x 20+4 Pin
1 x 4+4 Pin
2 x PCI-E 6 Pin
6 x SATA
8 x Molex
1 x Floppy
Fan 80mm + 120mm
PFC active PFC

Coba Nitrox 500W

Inter-tech presents a high-end power supply with all extras. A multitude of features like variable cable management, manually or automatically fan speed control, an antivibration mounting kit and a very high efficiency thanks to industrial components ensure a     state-of- the-art power supply.

Furthermore, the CobaNitrox IT-7500SG has various PCI-Express connectors for SLi and Crossfire graphic cards and ferrite cores on every graphic cards connector to avoid electromagnetic interferences.

Due to 3 separated 12V output rails this power supply is suited for high-end systems. All cables are coated with black cable sleeves. In addition the CobaNitrox IT-7500SG provides short circuit-, overload-, no load- , over current-, and over voltage protection.

36 months warranty speaks for the quality and reliability of this product.

  •  One fixed rail with 4x DVD/HDD (Molex-Ohmlegs) and 1x FDD connector. Smaller systems could get by with this to support all components. Not used connectors can be closed with the enclosed cover caps to protect them against dust.
  • The PCIe cables for graphic adapters are jacketed with a ferrite core to protect them against high-frequency interfering impulses.
  • High-quality layout in industrial quality (Efficiency >82%)
  • 3 seperated 12V rails (Quad-Rail) with especially high output.
  • Supports Intel® Core 2 Duo™ / Quad™ / Extreme™ / i7™ / i5™ / i3™ and AMD® Athlon™ 64 X2/X4 or Phenom™ X3/X4/X6.
  • Two silent fans with automatic and/ or manual control
  • Modular cable management
  • A lot of accessories like 2x SATA/PATA adapter, 2x PATA-cover caps, anti-vibration frame, 4x re-usable cable straps, 4x thumbscrews, power cord
  • 36 months warranty
Technical data
Output 500Watt
ATX-version 2.2
Mainboard 20+4Pin 1 x 
4Pin / 4+4Pin / 8Pin 12V
/ /
PCI-Express 6+2Pin
PCI-Express 6Pin 2 x
IDE 4Pin (Molex)
8 x
6 x
Floppy 1 x
Fan monitoring
Fan / -size
1 x 80mm + 1 x 120mm
Fan control
auto / manuell
Input 115V / 230V
80PLUS® certificate
Lautstärke 19-22dB
Dimension (H/B/T)
86 x 150 x 160mm
36 months

Performace data

AC ~
Voltage Current Frequency
115-230V 3A 47-63Hz
DC =
+ 3.3V + 5V + 12V 1 + 12V 2 + 12V 3 - 12V + 5V SB PS-ON POK COM
30A 28A 18A 18A 16A 0.8A 3.0A REMOTE P.G. RETURN
MAX 140W 432W 9.6W 15W - - -
Scope of delivery
  • Power supply Coba Nitrox 500W
  • Manual
  • Retail packaging
  • Power cord
  • 4 cable straps
  • 4 Thumbscrews
  • 1 Anti-vibration frame
No Videos available
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Logistic data
Packing units
Package= 1 pcs
Carton = 6 pcs
EU pallet = 180 pcs
Weight Net. = 2,1kgs
Gros. = 2,98kgs
Item No. 88882001
EAN-Code 4260133120204


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