Warranty conditions

1. Extent and duration of warranty

Inter-Tech Elektronik Handels GmbH, hereinafter Inter-Tech, assures that all sold Products are free from material and manufacturing defects. The warranty is an additional, extending and voluntary service of Inter-Tech and don´t touch the statutory liabilities of guarantee.

The warranty covers the below specified products and is valid only for customers who bought their product from an authorized dealer.

2 years warranty period:
  • All power supplies
  • All notebook adapters
  • All products of IPC/ Storage/ Raid
3 years warranty period:
  • All power supplies of Coba CS-series
  • All power supplies of Coba Nitrox CN-series
  • All products of brand "Netis"
The duration of warranty starts from the date of the original invoice and ends on the date shown in the chart at the bottom. Any service within the warranty period won´t refresh or extend the warranty period.

Products, bought within the warranty period, which have a defect in spite of proper use, will be changed or repaired by Inter-Tech without any costs. Alternatively, in case this product is not available anymore, Inter-Tech reserves the right to change the defective product against a succeeding or equivalent model.

This extended manufacturer warranty is only available for customers living in Germany.

2. Procedure of warranty claims

The warranty service has to be claimed by the original dealer generally.

No warranty handling without original invoice.

Exception: Power supplies of Coba Nitrox CN-series can be send to Inter-Tech directly. This service is available only in Germany.

For all other products apply: Handling via Inter-Tech directly is only possible in exceptional cases and against refund of shipping costs. Please contact us firstly by using ourcontact form

If the product isn´t faulty at Inter-Tech test, it will be re-shipped without any service. Inter-Tech reserves the right to invoice the incurred expenses.

3. Warranty exclusions

Es werden keine Garantieansprüche anerkannt bei:
  • Missing or damaged warranty seal,
    • Damages caused by
    • negligent behavior
    • improper use
    • external violence
    • nonobservance of the manual
    • act of God
    • manipulation, upgrading, updating or reconstruction of hardware or software
    • other harm
  • In case of data loss Inter-Tech will only be liable at wanton negligence or deliberate intention or, in all other cases, only for the recovery of data from a continuous, daily backup. Inter-Tech does not assume liability for all other matters.

4. Additional regularizations

If changes of the statutory liabilities will complete, replace or invalidate one or some of the above named terms, the statutory liabilities will be binding. All other terms will be still valid.

For EU applies:
Claim for damages for slight fault will be excluded, unless:
  • for damage of persons,
  • it affects the product liability act,
  • the guarantor injures essential contractual obligations.

For outside EU applies:
In case of legal permissibility at the point of purchase, the liability for direct or indirect damages, consequential harm caused by a defect or passed profit is excluded.

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